Living in Quito


Living in Quito

Situated in the Andes and known for Spanish-colonial buildings dating back more than 500 years, Quito is a beautiful place to live. It’s the first UNESCO World Heritage Site capital city and is also recognized as “Best Leading Destination in South America” by the World Travel Awards (2013 & 2014).

Quito has much to offer: parks and hiking trails, shopping, restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, breathtaking scenery, museums, theatres and cultural centers, as well as many options for weekend and day trips out of the city. For more info on Quito and living in Quito, please visit our site Life in Quito and Quito Tourism.

Quito is the capital of Ecuador; a country described as "four worlds in one place." We are happy to share with you the official tourism site for Ecuador where you will find videos and information about this beautiful country.

Also visit our cost of living page to understand what you can expect to pay for products and services if you move to Quito.

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